Alpha Woman Podcast

001: Introducing the Alpha Woman Podcast with host Leslie Andrachuk

January 22, 2020 alphawomanco Season 1 Episode 1
Alpha Woman Podcast
001: Introducing the Alpha Woman Podcast with host Leslie Andrachuk
Alpha Woman Podcast
001: Introducing the Alpha Woman Podcast with host Leslie Andrachuk
Jan 22, 2020 Season 1 Episode 1

Welcome to the Alpha Woman podcast. Where we interview inspiring Alpha women from around the world with the hope that their stories and secrets will help you optimize your life physically, mentally, professionally and financially.

In our very first episode, we interview Amie Reiman, founder of HIPLives, a brand devoted to women's health and wellness.

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Welcome to the Alpha Woman podcast. Where we interview inspiring Alpha women from around the world with the hope that their stories and secrets will help you optimize your life physically, mentally, professionally and financially.

In our very first episode, we interview Amie Reiman, founder of HIPLives, a brand devoted to women's health and wellness.

This episode is sponsored by Folée

Follow us on social @alphawomanco for your daily dose of Alpha Woman or visit us online at to become a member.

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thank you for tuning in to our first podcast. My name is Leslie Andrew, Chuck and I am the co founder and CEO of a powerful woman. My business partner and I launched off a woman about a year ago, and in that time I've had the wonderful privilege to interview fabulous, intriguing Alfa women around the world. But somehow these interviews are never is interesting. Published as articles on our website, the podcast for Mac just seems like a much better medium for this purpose. So here we are. Thank you for tuning in. We're so excited to be launching or Alfa Women Podcast to the World. Today we're going to be interviewing Amy Rheiman, founder of Hip Lives Ah, brand devoted to women's health and wellness. But before we get into the fabulousness, that is a B. And since this is our first episode, I want to tell you a little bit more about myself and about Alfa Woman. I'm a bilingual 56 year old Canadian women currently living in Toronto. Yeah, I can't believe that I'm I'm 56. Yes, it's true, and I am now divulging it to the world. I'm also a single mother to a beautiful 15 year old son who teaches me something new every day about love, commitment and what it means to be true to what I know is best. I know it's a little off brand isn't a 15 year old son single mom, but sometimes you know how these situations are sent to teach us all sorts of stuff. So I'm so lucky a little bit more about my background and, you know, this sort of place to the origin story of Alfa Woman. My parents split up when I was three, and I was raised by my father, a single dad on his own, until he remarried my very Alfa woman's stepmother when I was 10. So Dad used to call me Tiger when I was a little girl. I can still hear him saying it with that twinkle in his eye. He's still my biggest supporter on the planet, and he still tells me that he's proud

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of me, even at this age. Well, unless I mess up, of

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course, which, you know, I never do. Just kidding. Dad told me with utter conviction when I was a little one, that I could do anything I wanted in life that there were no limits other than those I said upon myself. Course I kind of discovered this wasn't true, but regardless, he raised me as any kind committed, sports loving young father would have done in the late sixties and early seventies. We spent a lot of times being rock climbing, dirt biking, going to Bruce Lee and Peter Sellers movies and generally doing stuff that young men of adventure love to. D'oh! And I, as a young girl, loved every minute of it, and I love doing it with my dad. I figure, as a result of that unusual upbringing, I'm a passionate skier. I've done lots of high risk sports such as hang gliding, parasailing, diving, rock climbing well into my adult

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years. Even now, my comfort with risk and adventure drove me to some very interesting corners of the world, taking on jobs that had often never been done before and often an emergent emerging industries. In fact, I spent many, many years living overseas, coming back to Canada in 2001 and settling in Toronto, where I was born, in fact, and where much of my family actually lives. And

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while I was glad to be back amongst my family. I wasn't sure how I wouldn't enjoy the well known brand of white male conservatism prevalent to Toronto corporations at the time. Indeed, my journey through corporate Canada has often been fraught with difficult events that little by little, crushed my soul. But that also caused me to look

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deep inside myself to find out who I truly am. I'm always seeking to learn from my mistakes and failures, but these stories are for another time. What's important here is how this journey led to the launch of Alfa Woman. My own journey of healing through launching off a woman has been very much about reclaiming my own power and recognizing my own excellence

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at worth and what I can offer. It's a journey of prioritizing and taking care of my mental health and my physical health of putting my own acts oxygen mask on so

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I can better help others. And perhaps most importantly, our planet is on the brink of disaster in so many ways, the only way we can change our chaotic systems is to claim our seat at the table as women and create

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a new world order where our voices are

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50% of the discussion and the outcome of everything.

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More practically, What started as an editorial website awful woman co dot com about a year ago has now expanded to include a couple of events that we produced here in Toronto last

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year and some really exciting upcoming events here in 2020 as well as the podcast that you're now listening to in 2020. We're really excited about

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what we're going to bring to the table for awful woman and how we're gonna help with an optimizer lives physically, mentally, professionally and financially, Another passion of mine. So I want to thank you for listening today, and I want to thank you for being part of our

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community. Every single person counts. Each week will be profiling and historical Alfa woman that has somehow inspired our guest, and hopefully you. Today's historical Alfa Woman is Virginia Johnson, an American sexologist best known as the Johnson of the Masters and Johnson sexuality Research team, along with William H. Masters, whom she eventually ended up marrying and divorcing, Virginia pioneered research into the nature of human sexual physiology and the diagnosis and treatment of sexual dysfunctions and disorders from 1957 until the 19 nineties. As a young woman and while studying for her sociology degree, Johnson met William H. Masters in 1957 when he hired her as a research assistant at the Department of Obstetrics and gynecology at Washington University in ST Louis. Masters trained her in medical terminology, therapy and research. During the year she worked as his assistant. However, she grew from being his assistant to becoming his collaborator and then an essential part of the partnership. Together, they developed a revolutionary polygraph like instruments that were designed to measure sexual arousal in humans for the first time ever. Using these tools, Masters and Johnson observed and measured about 700 men and women who agreed to engage in sexual activity with other participants or masturbate and Masters is laboratory. By observing these subjects, Johnson helped masters identify the four stages of sexual response. This came to be known as a human sexual response cycle. The cycle consists of the excitement phase, plateau phase, orgasmic phase and the resolution phase written and deliberately dry and scientific language. Their first book, Human Sexual Response, published in 1966 was nevertheless quite the sensation, among other very important things. Their research laid to rest Sigmund Freud's idea that female orgasm was either clitoral and, according to Freud, immature in this bad or vaginal, which, according to Freud, was mature, given by man and thus very good. The very sensitive polygraph, like instruments they had designed and created showed that female orgasm, whether stimulated directly or indirectly, was in fact literally. Unfortunately, they're sure touch was missing with two subsequent publications. Opponents of gay rights objected when Masters and Johnson, in their book Homosexuality in Perspective, published in 1979 champion The Right of Gay Men and Women Toe have their sexual quote unquote problems respected and treated, while others were appalled that the treatments they offered included cures for gay people. Masters and Johnson had founded the Reproductive Biology Research Foundation in ST Louis in 1964 and in 1978 renamed at the Masters and Johnson Institute until its closure in 1994. In the late 19 nineties, Johnson opened the Virginia Johnson Masters Learning Center in Crab Car, Missouri, providing advice on overcoming sexual dysfunction. She died on the 24th of July 2013 at the ripe old age of 88 As I mentioned before today and our podcast will be interviewing Amy Rheiman. Amy is a media professional residing in the Niagara region in Ontario, Canada. She's the founder of Hip Lives Ah, publication that covers health, wellness and parenting for women. Amy is also the single mother of a son with special needs. Her personal journey with cannabis as a healing plant and that of her son has led her to become a medical cannabis activist and a health and wellness advocate alongside hip lives. Amy is working to create an educational platform based upon her personal experiences and connectivity and the health cannabis space she's most interested in eliminating the stigma that exists among workers, parents and families were very much in need of this healing plant. Alongside her discovery of cannabis for specific medical purposes, Amy has also been exploring how cannabis can assist women in improving their sex lives. This is such a hot topic, and one which touches women at all stages of their sex lives. Please join me in welcoming Amy Roman to the podcast.

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You for having me. Congrats. I know this is so exciting as our inaugural episode. So I've already told our audience Ah, a little bit about yourself. But, you know, what I'd love is if you could tell us a bit about your professional journey up to you know, where you are now and with hip lives dot com and, uh, and then we'll move on from there. Awesome. Yeah. Happy to do. So, um, you know, it's gonna It's been a journey, I guess. So. You know, is you're as you're living the dream a swell Things don't happen overnight and learning so much as we go and grow. Um, but, you know, kind of diving into the cannabis industry seemed to make us a lot of sense based on my background. Um, for me, uh, a sales driven background. I saw a huge opportunity, especially in Canada, for no moving profit on. This is generally outside of the country. So I'm working in the global supply change in hip lives. Definitely wanted to support the access and awareness to other countries. We've been, you know, so fortunate in Canada to have legalization and all of this supply in our fingertips, but not so much the rest of the country. So I wanted to kind of take my story, my testimony on the education I'd learned about cannabis on. But, um, you know, financially into the supply chain so that one hype lives is doing now. But the premise for hep lives came from ah, long journey of trauma. Demming from car accident after another car accident. So, yes, to back to that on my side, some some things that played physically and mentally on my health, you know, kind of where we're from fermented from that PTSD anxiety, depression, um, you know, chronic pain. Um, that was just a day to day, and it was kind of a lot. I felt I had been given for some time. Um, you know, you chase the pills to make you feel better and all these different. Did you have surgery? Did you have, like, medical procedures that really were interred really intrusive and painful that it wasn't like a really heavy duty situation for you? Well, just the healing process in general, as a single parent, um, you know, there was really no time to to go do the things I needed to dio and, you know, speaking to that. You know, I've got a son who has has needs is well, he has a genetic syndrome called Fragile X. Right. Um, you know, he's got his challenges with that. And also much to my experience with the pharmaceuticals that I had to take. He was on that same kind of rat race. The more you grow or the more you feel, um, you know, I guess the lesson, you know, Are you no condition to these meds? You need more. So both of you were in this cycle of having of of medicating of using different kind of pharmaceuticals. You were doing a single parent with your pain dealing with your child with special needs. I must've been incredibly challenging time, Amy. It was. And looking back, um, I think right now where things aren't in the days are a little bit more relaxed and you can kind of see you know what's around every corner. I don't even know how that Ms Cope. How did you cope? Yeah, you know. And you D'oh! In a helpless as a single mother as well. Leslie, you just do what you have to do. You put on the daddy hat when you need to in the money hot and both with it sometimes and making great decisions as as you feel fit for that time. But we reached the kind of a plateau there was, Ah, ceiling in both of us, pain and allowance. And I guess just conditioning to to what we had known so well. And I had enough. So just before legalization, I had my son um uh, put into the pediatric cannabis it and he was one of the first medicinal prescriptions and onto Can you tell us a bit about that? How, like, what was that? How was that journey difficult? One was that challenging used to be the medical community. It was his pediatrician was very much against it. It was unknown. There was not enough case study. I'm not even sure even today if there is especially for Histon Drum being that you know, it comes with a number of different symptoms. Um, we are looking to change the genetics here. It's definitely not going to, you know, fix or cure Hiss. Hiss is in syndrome from we could mitigate some of the symptoms and the challenges he was having. Ah, specifically a DHD, which he was very, very high level, huh? You know, taking Ritalin for that? They wanted him on Prozac for anxiety. I mean, we're talking two year old. What? Also looking at doctors, and they're kind of this looks this looks scary. I'm thinking, Well, what's the lesser of the two evils? So I really had to go about it myself. Um, it was not, you know, you know, the doctor definitely want to hear what we did, but we weren't getting the hand holding holding on the way through it. And I had to kind of seek out those specialists that we're willing to to kind of try and work with parents who are willing to also try with the unknowns. There was. There was there was a risk, of course. Yes. Yes. So did you have, like, as you as you took him off the other medications, Um, and then tried with cannabis. I'm assuming you're with CBD that you've been, uh, you think? Did you know that? Me, Joseph. Okay. And did you have those? So as you took him off of there are other pharmaceuticals. Did you have medical person following you with that? I don't know. And I think that that's changed. Of course, you know where we were. We were the first cover prescription day to their check in. But this is like a daily due diligence. I mean, as appearance, you need to slowly, and I mean, as as an individual. I was doing the same thing for myself as I was taking off a little bit off of the controlled substances like the pharmaceuticals for anti depression and whatever he was taking. We had to then increase the CBD. So it was a bunch of trial and error. I documented everything, huh? No, in fast forward, we're six months completely pharma free. Oh, I'm guessing. So do you both feel very different? I feel, you know, my energy is back, which was a huge thing. Um, you know, I'm getting up to 40 and I could find that the days just waking up and, uh, you know, CBD is not the be all end all but having the energy to get up and then go to the gym or do my stretches, Or do the things that we need to dio for a mental and physical hope. There were a lot easier to kind of go about rather than feeling that, you know, around the corner, I was gonna have another side effect or or feel ill or whatever else came with it. You know what? This time last year. So, you know, back to kind of where the hip lives down kind of started was was with just that health in progress. Um, that is the hip lives mantra we're healing in plants. And, of course, the hike in parenting. Because it's a challenge. And, you know, um, we will We will continue to to see what works and what doesn't. Um, I I'm just I'm just so pleased with the outward the the attributes that we see physically on the outside. Um, who knows what it's doing inside? Um, so I think time will tell for both of us, but so far so good. Okay, very good. And so I know that you know, cannabis as we took we've been talking about you as a medicine is a very important thing. And we're seeing more and more research. And certainly more clinical research is being done. And I think what you're doing on documenting the results is so important a cz Well, but what's interesting is I know that there's also such a strong wellness aspect to cannabis that, you know, again has to be explored. And I think we're gonna be so seeing so many amazing products being developed in the near future. But I think that you're also really focusing them in on sex and cannabis on how cannabis can really improve. Ah, woman's sex life. Could you talk a little bit about that? You are, you know, and we don't just grabbing the bull by the horns here I decided a kind of a life to go after 22 topics that were a little bit of a blow because that's what you should know. What a god awful woman here sex in cannabis. But, you know, I've noticed in just my experience, with things like PTSD and the reasons why I had PTSD. Um, there is something to be said for the relax station that I'm able to feel, um, when it comes to having sex and using a formulation that specific for kind of that aphrodisiac and that that approach to I guess enhancing Theo experience. I've I've, um I've been dabbling with different strains? Um, not really. Are there any of that you found particularly good for? Yes, OK, cabaret is, uh I would say, um and and I probably shouldn't swear in your pod, but I've label that I've labeled. It's like weed. I Okay, I said, you know, when I said it's probably good for promotion, they're like, Nope, I don't think so. Uh, we're looking for a spokesperson, and they're listening. Travel rate. I've got you covered. You're not some fun. I'm seeing a whole promotional campaign right now. In my mind, it's rolling out. Oh, my God. I forgot Apocalypse, I think not totally Girl Waltz. But, you know, working with, you know, a few products right now, actually, on the market that are actually clinical for CVD sexual enhancement that things would be, you know, kind of gonna be taking, I guess the sex market by storm, because people are looking to combine the two. And if you're not in a country like Canada where you have the legal access and you can go into the O. C s stores and really ask the people there what works? What do you know? There's really no education, Some trial and error here is you could have no libido or, well, cabaret, Uh, s So I'm working, you know, with Epsom products now that I can stand behind and you know, it's that holistic approach. So people that have taken Viagra in the past, you know, on men's side of things or women that of, you know, taken boost of estrogen or whatever helps them to kind of get that. Ah hoo, ha hoo ha. Then a sah. It's been really wonderful that they've got these formulations that are natural and good price point so that people can try it and not feel like I'm breaking the bank. Right? And are there any cool like formats that you come across that are particular for women's sexual enhancement? Yes, What I'm using right now, the brand is called Soaked. Uh uh. The male version stoked Leslie. So I have a niece in the market. But this is just a capsule. And for myself, I mean, I'm trying to get away from smoking as much. I mean, you can talk about all of the benefits of medicinal cannabis, but then when we get into the side of what are we doing to our lungs. I've been looking for other ways, like, you say, to kind of consume. I'm really looking forward to Ta Piccolo's in these edible markets that we have really got access to their in Canada. However, with the CBD and them, they're really not for me. I'm not really a recreational user. So finding this capsule with CBD in it also, the other formulation is horny goat extract so that yeah, I'm so you got yet we've been enjoying those. But now I like the pop and go method. It works in, like, 14 cycles, right? Interesting. Now, have you ever encountered a situation where your partner might not be that comfortable with Canada's? Yes. Um, you know, I just to say that I'm I wouldn't still smoke boys home. I think it would be the same. I just was stacked, um makes you know, said the line Once he was in relationships. I didn't think that I think that there is the feast of much needed. A stain of those is a play this loser. So I think those conversations in the beginning I are important. Um, you know, being Munsil of what? Your partner Dyson's Orleans as um I don't think putting anything in somebody's space who isn't, you know, super keen on it, but opening conversation to maybe understand. Why don't they have their feelings? And then also, you know, I'm engaging with why it works for for yourself. You know, I think it's important not to hide away from these things, especially when we do live in legalize country and for states and communities where they do not have that I could see that the conversations might differ a little bit. There is a you know, a lot of Reefer madness may have still l a Paris. I'm so I just need something to the bottom of the line. Yes, you're about ready. And then maybe not, you know, putting in their faces mind, you know, you know, indicate unless, um, you know, in the home. True. But I guess what's nice about, for example, the product for him at that. You just described a little capsule. It doesn't necessarily mean it's like, you know, you're saying they're smoking a joint before sacks that way. Honey, do you want some? So it could be a thing where it's like, OK. No. Well, this is my personal need. And I'm going to do this to enhance my experience. Doesn't intrude on your experience at all, S o e. I think would be exciting to see other formats that come out like the top pickles and massage oils. Suppositories. You know anything, Luli? Thay I think that there are some loops on the market already. I know that. You know, down the US that had Korea for quite some time I blow out. Yeah, it's certainly up here in Canada, too. So, um, have you tried any of those kinds of topical products at all yet? I guess I'm really on a market here and share that little issue. Leslie getting things from the states over. Yeah. Yeah, that's right. So, you know, to any of your listeners in New York area and their offense, if you got a product I have you're getting Well, that's a good point, because we don't wanna listen to me. Oh, yes, for sure. Good idea. Aiming. Yes. Okay. Um, so, um, I I mean, I think that there's other a lot of other uses for cannabis and in women's lives when it comes to sex, I know that, um, you know in my circles, uh, because I'm in the ER at the age where I'm menopausal and so are many of my friends. And there's this whole issue around vaginal dryness. Yes, that cannabis can actually help with a CZ well, and I know that that's a a solution. Some of my friends in the business are, ah, working on. So I think that there's, you know, there's some other aspect ce to cannibalism and whether that's like just myself person with relaxing those muscles in that area that does increase the parachute, the word moisture. But But, I mean, it absolutely does. And maybe that's you know where they got that. You know, great brand name being soaped is that, you know, for a lot of us that, you know, whether it be because of its urges me because you know, the interest or the libidos Not quite there. There could be certain anxieties, sort of the things that are triggered just relaxing and comfortable and enjoying your partner, Andi. And, you know, I think with all of those things that you having that, uh, you know, kind of that release his very beneficial. You also feel often that can't like. The women's sexuality is very much in our minds. Yes, you like cannabis Can really help us, like, sort of transport us to a kind of that that that place that we kind of need to be using upto euphoria. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, I mean, I know myself, I'll be maybe in the act, and this is kind of a sorry, but I know that I got a cool chick. That load of blood is your dishes out of the dishwasher and Oh, my God. The boat, you know, because gonna pick up from school in, like, way tend to just not be able to shut down even when that time is right. And I think for me, absolutely. When it comes to that mental it really what's mean? That places like how you yourself, girl. Three deficits at best. That's it. Any exactly right on. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, you're right. Um, okay, So now what is? I mean, we're in a new year now, and I know it's that moment to pause and say, OK, you know what, am I gonna make this of this year for me? So what? What what is keeping you motivated for 2020 I think the opportunity as a weapon. Uh, historically, we had such an opportunity. That's what excites you. Know what I started very by sending getting access in a weird lessons. Other countries. Emily, this is a great thing to be able to be kind of the first and his crew trees. It's a is very exciting. Well working an infant exports. Last documents have written for the first time a basically pioneering. You know, this this this accessibility. So for me, I didn't at the time I sent her about my mom and learning and doing things. I guess you know the right way so that we create a process that works for the world. Not just came the, um that's where I see myself kind center. This year I would love t problem his country's once we get ourselves in there and speak at their shows and brewing a line with women who may have not had even any understanding or or or reason to believe that they would be able to have a voice when it comes to earned their filth and interesting different decisions after their families. So the next in line prevention a performance. I think those three polluters bring your really important for difficult immunities. And I'm just so excited to support all of it. Awesome. Uh, okay. So how? Okay, So, what do you do to keep yourself mentally resilient and physically resilient in the face of so many challenges? Amy, super it here in minutes. Ha ha. You know, uh, if it bothers me, I just I just I think it comes from being very out spoken all of my life. Okay, Appleton, being cared of this has gives me a reason to kind of sit down, shut up and listen. And I think we'll all of this is kind of going on and you're learning. Um, you can't always have the radio said that. So going to the days where I'm stepping myself in and inserting yourself. So it has been a really nice place from you just to to grow mentally and work with others. And I say this. I say this because I need it. That's not the meat. And everything is possible. I love being the demo. Smooth finding this brand is the case. Always. I just wonder about home, but I'm cruising these leaders that have come, lad released. Roll these different industries and just teach eats. If I signed understand this one, well, then I have to go to a different room. I collaborate on more than another. I've worked in this tea evidence to back up my life. There's a lot of competition in those those industries. I think where we are right now, it's just a It's a great place. He was going to sit back and learn, right? Awesome, fantastic and share here. Isn't that right? Absolutely. And so what about your last question? Your big goals for the coming decade? I You know, it's a tough one, because if I heard that has two years ago where I saw me some two years from them, and be sitting here talking to you. If there be no way, um, you know, So sky's the limit. I see that clearly. You know, Nightmare places to stager the Which Ricky Yes, So my bullet beating to kind of travel, where the weather's spit and kind of work in the industry and just move around when suddenly the goal is to absolutely just treated with those open doors and windows. Excellent. So building that global business do also. Well, thank you so much, Amy. It's been a real pleasure toe to connect with you today when I see you for having me and still down Awesome that you Jews area think that Sarah there's still no way to get from the billing yourself included. I think I said it's a great time with something a little bit. Yea, I think you're right. We're gonna kick it. We're gonna kick it this year in this decade. Amy Yeah, All right. Well, thank you again. I said stay here and now a message from our sponsor Foley a dot c A fully a is a collection of all natural wellness and skin care products made from certified organic cannabis sativa seed oil. Ah, beauty and wellness superstar Foley A Products are non GMO and free of artificial preservatives, chemicals and synthetics. Folios mission is to make a positive difference in people's lives by providing safe and effective solutions for pain management, stress reduction and skin care feel look and live better with Foley A for more information, please visit fully a dot c A. That's f o l i e dot c A

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well that wraps up our inaugural Alfa Woman podcast. Thank you so very much for listening. And thank you, too Amy Rheiman for taking the time to be on our first ever for a into podcast land. It's always a pleasure to talk to Amy about her journey as a single parent with a son with special needs, her journey as an entrepreneur and is a businesswoman and, of course, her her activism and advocacy with cannabis. Such a pleasure and thank you to our partner, Foley A. A beautiful collection of all natural wellness and skin care products that you must check out, visit their website at fully a dossier. That's f o l i e dot c A. In our next podcast will be interviewing Patty Pappas and carry Mapes, the founders of Hello Again. Hello Again is a company that creates vaginal depositories to help combat the side effects of menopause. You sure won't want to miss this one. If you've enjoyed this podcast, please rate us on iTunes. And don't forget to leave your feedback and subscribe. Follow us on social media at Alfa woman co dot com for your daily dose of Alfa Woman or visit US online at awful woman co dot com to become a member. Thank you for listening