Alpha Woman Podcast

Interview with Nan McKay, Founder of Nan McKay Connects

October 24, 2021 @alphawomanco @landrachuk Season 3 Episode 3
Alpha Woman Podcast
Interview with Nan McKay, Founder of Nan McKay Connects
Show Notes

On today's show we meet Nan McKay. Nan is President of the Board of Directors of Nan McKay and Associates, a corporation she founded in 1980, which now has 4000 employees with offices in 10 cities. Nan is also CEO and founder of Nan McKay Connects LLC, a media and consulting company with a podcast and YouTube channel, TrailBlazers Impact Interviews, featuring ordinary women with extraordinary stories

Nan is focusing on women over 50 who want to launch a business. Her book, Gold in the Golden Years, The Definitive Guide to Ensuring You Never Run Out of Money, along with her webinar and course will be available soon. In 2018 she received the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) Signature Award for Southern California, and in 2019 she was selected by NAWBO as the California Woman Business Owner of the Year. She has received numerous awards for her service in affordable housing and has two buildings named after her, a 10-story elderly high-rise, the Nan McKay Building, and a family subsidized development, McKay Manor.

Show Timestamps:

Start of interview (1:42)
Early Obstacles Nan had to face as a businesswoman (7:15)
All about Nan McKay Connects (12:36)
The aspect of Nan's career that makes her happiest (18:37)
Alpha Women over 50 (24:15)
Advice for aspiring Alpha Women entrepreneurs (31:22)
Ana's preferred social media services (34:14)
What's next? (36:07)

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